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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a series of breathing techniques designed to help you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

There is so much fear in this world and we wanted to create a space of healing and clarity for those who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and or any pain within their life right now. We understand that these times are super tough and thats why we are making the as affordable as possible for you.
We are going to take you to a specially designed and guided journey that will allow you dive deep into your subconscious and allow you to reprogram yourself to a new you!  A unique technique that will allow you find the peace of mind, joy, and happiness you deserve.

The Science Behind Breathwork

When you take a deep breath in and fill your body with oxygen, you have the ability to tap into your sympathetic nervous system (your fight or flight response) allowing you to be consciously aware of the stress and emotions deep in your tissues.
This slows down your brain waves just enough to generate “theta brain waves” which allows us to experience the deeper parts of the subconscious mind and tap into the limbic system (which is responsible for your emotions and memory) to release any stored up negative energy inside us.
And the cool part is, that you can feel the effects within the first 7 minutes simply by using our unique technique to create space for the new you.

How Would Breathwork Affect Me?

We can’t tell you with 100% certainty since everyone is different.
You may have uncontrollable laughter or you can be crying finally allowing yourself to release all that pent up emotions. Please remember, whatever happens is always exactly what you need to happen in that moment, your body knows what you need, all you have to do is trust it. We will go over this in detail at this virtual event.
One thing we can guarantee from our experience is that everyone always walked away feeling a deep sense of peace, clarity, and joy!

Here's what People Had To Say Working With Us...

"...Not only did I gain more insight and more clarity but I also partnered up and now working with Irina and Anton..."
“It was truly life-changing. Any time I feel anxiety, fear, frustration, or sadness, I can re-center myself with breathwork.”