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Learn how to easily take back control of your life and learn how to breathe properly.

It All Starts With Your Breath...

The power of taking this course is that once you learn how to breathe properly on your own you can take matters into your own hands and even help the people around you.

Breathwork Course

Learn to take control of your life and free yourself from the heavy burdens inside of you.

Coming Soon

We are working hard to make this the best breathwork course online and will let you know soon!


Do we lose any benefits doing this breathwork session online vs. in person?

There is absolutely no problem and you will retain all the benefits whether we did it via webinar or in person. Since COVID we have found that people experience the same exact results whether in person or online.

Is breathwork safe?

Out of the thousands of people we have worked with we have not experienced a problem with any of them.
However, these breathwork exercises can bring intense emotions and surface painful memories so that’s why we would be on the cautious side and consult your doctor if you:
  • Have a severe mental illness
  • Have any seizure disorders
  • Are using major medications
  • ​Have a history of aneurysms
  • ​Have high-blood pressure
  • ​Are pregnant

After all, we want to make sure you’re safe. 

I can't access my course.

Contact us at our contact page or email us at antonirina@breakthrough-breathwork.com and we will help you as soon as possible!

I’ve Never Done Any Breathwork, Meditation, or Yoga before. Will I Still Be Able To See Benefits?

Absolutely. We’ve noticed that the people who have never done any sort of breathwork, meditation, or yoga sometimes tend to have the best experiences.

Have Any More Questions?

You can always email us at antonirina (@) breakthrough-breathwork.com for any questions or concerns!