Here's What People Had To Say Working With Us...

"...This was my first breathwork journey and I had my biggest breakthrough..."
"...And we are so amazed at how breathwork is. It's amazing the way it heals you, it heals your body, it heals your soul..."
"...There were explanations to questions I had and Anton was able to bring it from the level of 'woo-woo' I've always heard to a level of logic I needed..."
"...It was so profound I came out so much lighter, happier, and realizing all the things I had to let go. It was an experience to remember."
"...It stretched me in areas emotionally and self-exploration that I thought it was incredible..."
"...I have done a lot of other healing modalities and energy work on myself but this is truly where I had the biggest breakthrough..."
"...Not only did I gain more insight and more clarity but I also partnered up and now working with Irina and Anton..."
“It was truly life-changing. Any time I feel anxiety, fear, frustration, or sadness, I can re-center myself with breathwork.”