Who Is Anton?

Hey, I'm Anton!

Breathwork has been an amazing journey for me and countless others I have worked with.

The reason why I love breathwork so much is that all you really need is your breath to change your life.

You don’t have to pay for it since you already have it.

My Origins And Mission

Hi, I’m Anton and at the age of 16 I was dealing with anxiety and depression that haunted me my whole life until I was 22.

I tried everything from pharmaceutical drugs and talk therapy but it only temporarily fixed the problem.

With no alternatives left to go, I decided to try out breathwork despite how skeptical I was of its benefits.

This was when I knew breathwork was real when all of my mental illnesses disappeared after just one session.

This made me go on a quest to find the best breathing techniques so I can share it with other people who went through the same problems as me.

Fast forward to today… Irina and I are transforming thousands of people‚Äôs lives with this simple yet effective breathing technique in these breathwork workshops.

The greatest gift I could ever give to you is the same relief I’ve been able to experience.

How Do I Help Others In Breathwork?

I'm there to help guide you in your journey.