Who Is Irina?

Hey, I'm Irina!

Breathwork has been an amazing journey for me and countless others I have worked with.

The reason why I love breathwork so much is that all you really need is your breath to change your life.

You don’t have to pay for it since you already have it.

My Origins And Mission

I have always loved studying the human mind and spent many years learning about the ideas of awareness and the power of breath which led me to discovering the power and joy of breathwork.

After realizing that I can impact people’s lives by helping them open themselves up through our workshops, I made it my mission to help people feel noticed, valued and heard.

Even from a young age, I used my “gut feeling”, my intuition, to help people recognize their worth and power as they go on their journey of self love.

I believe that every single person has a few simple, yet important, emotional needs, which is to feel loved, valued, and noticed.

And that’s what I focus on during every single breathwork session. I focus on creating a safe and fun environment that creates space for people wanting to go on their self-exploration journey.

I am honored and excited to guide you back to who you truly are!

How Do I Help Others In Breathwork?

I'm there to help guide you in your journey.