Transform Your Life With This Simple Ancient Breathing Technique With Us...

Feel The Power Of This Technique In Just 7 Minutes...

Hi, we're Anton and Irina!

We’re SO excited and honored to guide you on your journey to inner peace.

We tried many techniques and modalities but it was with breathwork that we can confidently say that helped release our stress and anxiety instantly.

We’re truly grateful and blessed in this life and it’s our mission to make this world a better, one breath at a time.

Why We Prefer Breathwork Over Meditation

Don’t get us wrong, we love meditation!

However, the problem with meditation is that to achieve the results of inner peace and calmness, you need a regular daily practice for months! Yet those who sit on their meditation pillow for the first time, it’s easier to think about errands, work, and life instead of finding inner peace and relief, since their mind is racing. Is this you?

Meditation also takes years of dedication of practicing before we find that peace of mind!

Especially with all the uncertainty and pain in the world, we all need the sense of inner peace NOW! 

With our guided breathwork technique, you can feel the effects of a deep meditative state within just the first 7 minutes! It allows your brain waves to shift from beta to theta and sometimes even gamma! Which is known as “super conscious,” is the same states you heard that monks reach.

The Benefits Of Breathwork

Reunite With Your Authentic Truth...

…And gain clarity within yourself and find your soul’s mission.

Soothe Your Mind, Body, And Soul...

…Helping you feel grounded in this chaotic world around us.

Heal Your Inner Child Inside Of You...

…Helping you open up your deep-rooted traumas inside of you to find solace and peace.

Re-energize Your Body...

And reprogram your mind to find more happiness in the little things we do.

We are so blessed to have helped so many people from all around the world...

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The Science Behind Breathwork

When you take a deep breath in and fill your body with oxygen, you can tap into your sympathetic nervous system (your fight-or-flight response) allowing you to be consciously aware of the stress and emotions deep in your tissues.

This slows down your brain waves just enough to generate “theta brain waves” which allows us to experience the deeper parts of the subconscious mind and tap into the limbic system (which handles your emotions and memory) to release any stored up negative energy inside us.

And the cool part is that you can feel the effects within the first 7 minutes simply by using our unique technique to create space for the new you.

What People Have Said Working With Us

“…This was my first breathwork journey and I had my biggest breakthrough…”


“It’s amazing the way it heals you, it heals your body, it heals your soul…”


“…There were many explanations to questions I had and Anton was able to bring it from the level of ‘woo-woo’ I’ve always heard to a level of logic I needed…”